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About our beer

Our focus in brewing is on striking a balance between precision with flavor on one hand and character on the other. Our style is not to create a beer that is polarizing or novel, but one that is inviting and memorable. This is not an easy task and it’s one that is a constant process.

For us, creativity comes alive in the process of refining a recipe over time rather than reinventing the wheel. Every batch of beer, even if you’ve brewed it a thousand times, has lessons worth learning. We try to approach our beers as though they were a living project, not a fixed idea.

Having ridden the huge craft beer wave in the mid 2010s with breweries competing to make the next new release, Ricardo wanted to make beers that we come back to because we like drinking them and not because of their novelty. In that sense, Round Table Brewery focuses on a limited set of core beers that will showcase mixed fermentation beers but span into IPAs and stouts as well. We are particularly proud of our wild ales program that includes barrel aging and real fruit fermentations.

Javier and Ricardo looking at the brewing process.
Javier, one of the owners, pumping Dr. Jay beer into the fermentation tanks.
Ricardo, one of the owners and founder of the brewery, managing the canning machine for Dr. Jay beer.