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Apr 14: The Secret Language of Flowers with Linda Karen

April 14 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Enjoy an evening of flowers and fun at La Redonda Tavern!

Interior designer Linda Karen will speak about The Secret Language of Flowers in the Victorian Era. Also known as Floriography, it was the way of sending secret messages and expressing feelings using the meaning of flowers in tussie mussie bouquets and nosegays.

Journey through history from its medieval origins, specifically the Victorian Era, into modern day, especially as it relates to the Garnerville Arts Center. Linda will explain the symbolic meaning of each flower and show classic composition of tussie mussie and demonstrate how to make one.

Using fresh flowers, guests will follow instructions to complete a take home tussie mussie or nosegay.

$25/person, contact Linda Karen at 845-234-5744 for more info.